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Your Brand Online

How important is brand management?

Well according to a study down by the Harvard Business Review, even just a one-star difference from four to five on major online review websites can amount to a nine-percent increase in income. With that kind of return, the investment into managing your brand is worth it.

Having a good online reputation boosts your business?s exposure as well as customer loyalty. WSI has strategies aimed at keeping your brand prominent and your reputation pristine.

  1. Be ready to listen

The business world today is intensely customer-driven. Focusing on your customers and their needs is critical. Customers have a literal world of purchasing choices at their fingertips, so it is important for a business to listen to client feedback so they can stand out and build customer loyalty.

  1. Targeting relevant review websites

Identify which websites your potential clients are most likely to be visiting for reviews and information. 90% of consumers today use review websites before approaching a business. Any successful online reputation management campaign must take into account the major review websites.

  1. Gather Direct Customer Feedback

It is not just enough to passively listen to customers through the occasional online review. Instead, try and directly engage your audience and ask for feedback. This can range from a simple Facebook post to a professionally-conducted customer satisfaction polling. Whatever the form, directly engaging with your customers is an effective way to build customer loyalty.

  1. Share your customer feedback

Once you gather feedback, use it! Honest customer testimonials are a tried-and-true practice that can be used to attract clients. When you get positive feedback, share it via social media! A good review will show that you listen your clients and are committed to their goals.

  1. Respond, Learn, and Improve

Negative feedback is just as important to your business as positive feedback. When you get an honest complaint, it is important to respond promptly, take responsibility and be professional. A client will appreciate a company that admits to its mistakes and takes visible steps to prevent their recurrence. Effective online reputation management requires a willingness to listen and adapt.
Build Your Reputation - Your Brand Online

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