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New & Improved Internet Explorer;IE 9 Beta Version

September 16, 2010 | < 1 minutes to read
New & Improved Internet Explorer;IE 9 Beta Version
Summary:For website designers and developers Internet Explorer has always been a real problem, because it does not comply …

For website designers and developers Internet Explorer has always been a real problem, because it does not comply with necessary web standards (W3C) like other browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome do. Websites need to be tested with IE browser, because there are still a large user base for this browser, even though the user base has declined over last few years. In order to gain the user base back in the browser world, by with version 9 Microsoft has invested resources with emphasis on performance and web standards.

If everything goes well with the beta version of IE 9, designers and developers can make the website work in IE browser with little or no  work-arounds.

IE 9 supports features that are in HTML5 spec. It also supports true CSS3. IE 9 is faster and more efficient. Similar to Google Chrome which has clean UI, IE 9 has made the UI of the browser itself less prominent and instead makes the website look prominent. With these improvements in features and performance, IE  has a very good chance of gaining the status back as many internet users’ default browser.


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