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Adopt AI or Fall Behind: The Role of AI in Modern Digital Marketing

September 26, 2023 | 3 minutes to read
Summary:Why AI Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy Artificial intelligence (AI) has become integral to digital …

Why AI Should Be Part of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become integral to digital marketing success. As a business leader, you can no longer afford to ignore the capabilities of AI if you want to get ahead of the competition and maximize your online presence. Here are the key reasons why artificial intelligence needs to be an important part of your digital marketing strategy.

Hyper-Personalization through AI

Today’s customers expect hyper-personalized experiences. Leveraging AI, marketers can segment audiences into precise groups and speak to them directly based on their needs, interests, behaviors and values. Chatbots powered by AI can have customized conversations with each website visitor. Dynamic content can change in real-time based on user actions. Recommendation engines powered by machine learning algorithms surface products and content tailored to each individual. The more you can personalize for your customers, the better you can convert, engage, and retain them.

Generating Insights from Data

The massive amounts of data generated from online customer interactions hold tremendous value for marketers. But extracting insights from this data is impossible for humans alone. By using AI and machine learning, businesses can identify trends, patterns and correlations in their data to understand their customers better and make smarter marketing decisions. AI can find insights that would be missed by manual analysis. These actionable insights benefit everything from content creation to campaign management to customer experience optimization.

Automating Manual Tasks

AI excels at automating repetitive, high-volume manual tasks that take up too much of marketers’ time. AI-powered tools can create ads, generate SEO-friendly blog post copy, analyze sentiment on social media, transcribe video content into text, modify images, and much more. This frees up humans to do what we do best: strategy, creativity, empathy and relationship building. AI automation also leads to greater efficiency and consistency in digital marketing campaigns.

24/7 Availability

Chatbots and virtual assistants enabled by AI allow businesses to engage prospects and customers 24/7. Whenever a question arises, customers expect instant answers. Without AI, you would need a full staff working around the clock to provide that level of availability. AI chatbots are always on, answering common questions accurately and routing more complex inquiries to the right human agents. This improves both the quantity and quality of interactions between businesses and their audience.

Improving Campaign Performance

AI tools can analyze all the data around your campaigns - impressions, clicks, conversions, engagement metrics, and so on. Based on this analysis, AI can optimize your campaigns by allocating budgets to better performing platforms and ad sets. It can tweak visuals, copy, target audiences, and messages to increase results. AI can also suggest entirely new campaign ideas based on emerging trends and insights. This continuous improvement and experimentation powered by AI leads to stronger campaign results over time.


  • Capabilities of artificial intelligence - hyper-personalization, insight discovery, task automation, 24/7 availability and campaign optimization - make AI an indispensable component of digital marketing stacks today.
  • To engage and convert increasingly sophisticated customers, businesses need to embrace AI. Partnering with experienced developers of enterprise-grade AI solutions can help bring together the right technology, strategies and skills to deploy AI marketing tactics effectively.
  • The time is now to develop an AI-driven approach that will propel your organization ahead of competitors.

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About the Author

Kalpana Murthy, President/CEO at WSI Plano, DBA Kriti Web Solutions, LLC. is a Digital Strategist, Consultant, Speaker/Trainer, & Software Engineer who is passionate about bringing affordable technology solutions to businesses to build online presence. Kalpana Murthy is a certified partner with Google, HubSpot, Sharp Spring, SEMRush and other digital solution providers.

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