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The Anatomy of a Landing Page that Converts…

September 19, 2018 | 2 minutes to read
Summary:The Anatomy of a Landing Page What is a Landing Page? It is a standalone web page designed …

The Anatomy of a Landing Page

What is a Landing Page?

It is a standalone web page designed specifically for marketing campaigns. It’s where visitors land on a web page after clicking on a link, for example, in an email for an ad for a discount coupon. These links can also be associated with the display ads on Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

A Homepage vs. A Landing Page

Typically Homepages of the websites are for default visitors. They provide a general idea about a business/entity and may have links to other pages of the website. The purpose of a homepage is to help navigate visitors to the appropriate page based on their needs.

The Landing pages are specialized webpages designed for a high rate of conversion! Typically, already segmented visitors are directed to this page to take a specific action upon landing on this page. Having segmented visitors focusing on a particular call to action help conversion.

Landing pages may be temporary, i.e., they may exist only for the duration of a particular campaign they are designed for, for example, Valentine’s Day Sale!

A well designed Landing Page provides everything the visitor needs to take action without having to leave that page. You can have many Landing Pages on a website! For example, imagine a department store, running targeted campaigns for Valentine’s Day Sale. They may have one Landing Page for women’s running shoes and another for men’s sports watches.

Why do you need to Level Up your Landing Pages?

The problem is most websites and landing pages are poorly constructed with little or no thought at all. Unfortunately, businesses don’t realize that consumers do not read on the Internet; they scan. This means easy readability of page content should be a critical component in your design.

Visitors pay attention to headlines, images, and bullet points. They click in, take a quick peek, and click out. Those are the conditions in which business is conducted on the Internet. And when it comes to the landing pages you’re using to drive conversions for your online campaigns, you have to be even more strategic with how the page is laid out and reads to a visitor.

The Anatomy of a Landing Page that Converts

Good understanding of – the demographics/audience for your landing page, plays an important role in the design and successful conversion when visitors land on the page.

  • Identify your Buyer Persona
  • Clarify your End Goal
  • Design your Landing Page
  • Add proper Call-To-Action elements that convert
  • Measure, Split Test & Improve

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Kalpana Murthy, President/CEO at WSI Plano, DBA Kriti Web Solutions, LLC. is a Digital Strategist, Consultant, Speaker/Trainer, & Software Engineer who is passionate about bringing affordable technology solutions to businesses to build online presence. Kalpana Murthy is a certified partner with Google, HubSpot, Sharp Spring, SEMRush and other digital solution providers.

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